The vocational aptitude test VCAP is a free vocational aptitude (Assessment, Personality) test which diagnoses character, an action tendency, and vocational aptitude using transactional analysis.

Type appearance ranking diagnostic vacational aptitude test results.

Introduce the mean of the diagnostic vacational aptitude test by VCAP. Make a summary of hundreds of thousands of diagnosis test results average means as type ranking by gender and generation. The date and timing statisitics are shown here. Also referred to here does not mean that the first ranking be exellent and lower type is not. "The ranking diagnosis results are large number of type by diagnostician."

Comprehensive ranking

RankingTypeFrequency of appearance
1Moderation Type6.719%
2Underestimation Type4.860%
3Freedom Type4.108%
4No service no life Type3.733%
5Amorous susceptible Type2.833%
6Unsung hero Type2.749%
7High energy Type2.704%
8Balance Type2.356%
9Diffuse Type1.830%
10Superman Type1.768%
11Coexistence Type1.752%
12Lifestyle freely Type1.580%
13Worldly good Type1.547%
14Carefree abandon Type1.436%
15Scholar athlete Type1.372%
16Autocrat Type1.311%
17Businesslike shortage Type1.309%
18Difficult relation Type1.298%
19Excess energy Type1.284%
20King of the hill Type1.247%
21Gala Type1.235%
22Thoughtlessness Type1.208%
23Attentive plethora Type1.189%
24Career aim Type1.161%
25Peaceful pursuit Type1.112%
26Omnipotent Type1.042%
27On the alert Type1.024%
28Quiet Type1.012%
29Hesitate Type0.986%
30Fighting mood Type0.937%
31Model Type0.919%
32Safe pursuit Type0.912%
33Endurance Type0.900%
34Innocence Type0.878%
35Craves excess Type0.876%
36Chasing a dream Type0.873%
37Banquet Secretary Type0.847%
38Perfect model student Type0.810%
39Concern too Type0.769%
40Multi-oriented Type0.747%
41Tranquility and peace Type0.708%
42Accounting human Type0.672%
43Debauchery principle Type0.655%
44Polyhedral Type0.617%
45Manager Type0.616%
46Well-behaved Type0.614%
47Liberalism Type0.601%
48Ad hoc Type0.577%
49Ordinary person Type0.572%
50Cool businessman Type0.539%
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The 10th generation ranking

The 10th generation synthesis ranking

1Moderation Type5.95%
2Underestimation Type4.71%
3Freedom Type4.61%
4No service no life Type4.54%
5High energy Type3.39%
6Amorous susceptible Type3.22%
7Diffuse Type2.45%
8Superman Type2.37%
9Unsung hero Type2.28%
10Balance Type1.78%
11Scholar athlete Type1.66%
12Businesslike shortage Type1.60%
13Lifestyle freely Type1.58%
14Worldly good Type1.51%
15King of the hill Type1.38%
16Coexistence Type1.38%
17Difficult relation Type1.35%
18Gala Type1.34%
19Thoughtlessness Type1.33%
20Excess energy Type1.28%

The 10th generation male ranking

1Moderation Type6.33%
2Underestimation Type4.74%
3Freedom Type4.38%
4No service no life Type3.25%
5High energy Type3.11%
6Balance Type2.68%
7Superman Type2.49%
8Amorous susceptible Type2.49%
9Lifestyle freely Type2.32%
10Worldly good Type2.14%
11Diffuse Type1.81%
12Businesslike shortage Type1.73%
13Difficult relation Type1.70%
14Excess energy Type1.67%
15Innocence Type1.65%
16Unsung hero Type1.46%
17Scholar athlete Type1.43%
18King of the hill Type1.35%
19On the alert Type1.27%
20Career aim Type1.18%

The 10th generation female ranking

1No service no life Type5.77%
2Moderation Type5.59%
3Freedom Type4.82%
4Underestimation Type4.67%
5Amorous susceptible Type3.90%
6High energy Type3.64%
7Diffuse Type3.06%
8Unsung hero Type3.06%
9Superman Type2.26%
10Gala Type2.05%
11Scholar athlete Type1.89%
12Thoughtlessness Type1.79%
13Coexistence Type1.73%
14Carefree abandon Type1.50%
15Businesslike shortage Type1.49%
16King of the hill Type1.40%
17Craves excess Type1.26%
18Banquet Secretary Type1.25%
19Attentive plethora Type1.15%
20Chasing a dream Type1.15%

The 20th generation ranking

The 20th generation synthesis ranking

1Moderation Type6.12%
2Underestimation Type5.22%
3No service no life Type4.16%
4Freedom Type4.12%
5Unsung hero Type3.07%
6High energy Type2.99%
7Amorous susceptible Type2.82%
8Balance Type2.36%
9Diffuse Type1.76%
10Worldly good Type1.70%
11Superman Type1.68%
12Coexistence Type1.64%
13Lifestyle freely Type1.63%
14Businesslike shortage Type1.42%
15Gala Type1.39%
16Attentive plethora Type1.29%
17Carefree abandon Type1.28%
18Difficult relation Type1.26%
19Thoughtlessness Type1.22%
20Peaceful pursuit Type1.21%

The 20th generation male ranking

1Moderation Type6.12%
2Underestimation Type5.07%
3Freedom Type3.65%
4Balance Type3.31%
5No service no life Type2.96%
6High energy Type2.71%
7Unsung hero Type2.43%
8Worldly good Type2.32%
9Amorous susceptible Type2.27%
10Lifestyle freely Type2.19%
11Superman Type2.02%
12Businesslike shortage Type1.63%
13Difficult relation Type1.51%
14Career aim Type1.43%
15Excess energy Type1.42%
16Omnipotent Type1.39%
17Peaceful pursuit Type1.34%
18On the alert Type1.34%
19Coexistence Type1.32%
20Hesitate Type1.29%

The 20th generation female ranking

1Moderation Type6.13%
2No service no life Type5.58%
3Underestimation Type5.40%
4Freedom Type4.68%
5Unsung hero Type3.82%
6Amorous susceptible Type3.46%
7High energy Type3.32%
8Diffuse Type2.37%
9Gala Type2.33%
10Coexistence Type2.01%
11Thoughtlessness Type1.88%
12Attentive plethora Type1.83%
13Carefree abandon Type1.82%
14Scholar athlete Type1.50%
15Chasing a dream Type1.49%
16Concern too Type1.38%
17Banquet Secretary Type1.36%
18Superman Type1.28%
19King of the hill Type1.25%
20Balance Type1.24%

The 30th generation ranking

The 30th generation synthesis ranking

1Moderation Type8.46%
2Underestimation Type4.35%
3Freedom Type3.74%
4Balance Type3.02%
5Amorous susceptible Type2.64%
6Unsung hero Type2.45%
7Coexistence Type2.15%
8No service no life Type2.12%
9Autocrat Type1.85%
10Carefree abandon Type1.83%
11High energy Type1.65%
12Career aim Type1.58%
13Lifestyle freely Type1.56%
14Superman Type1.54%
15Excess energy Type1.51%
16Quiet Type1.51%
17Diffuse Type1.43%
18Scholar athlete Type1.42%
19Difficult relation Type1.37%
20King of the hill Type1.36%

The 30th generation male ranking

1Moderation Type8.21%
2Balance Type4.09%
3Underestimation Type3.89%
4Freedom Type3.11%
5Career aim Type2.17%
6Autocrat Type1.94%
7Excess energy Type1.91%
8Amorous susceptible Type1.89%
9Unsung hero Type1.85%
10Lifestyle freely Type1.83%
11Coexistence Type1.78%
12Worldly good Type1.72%
13No service no life Type1.68%
14Quiet Type1.67%
15Superman Type1.66%
16Difficult relation Type1.62%
17On the alert Type1.60%
18Endurance Type1.50%
19Omnipotent Type1.47%
20High energy Type1.38%

The 30th generation female ranking

1Moderation Type8.82%
2Underestimation Type5.03%
3Freedom Type4.66%
4Amorous susceptible Type3.74%
5Unsung hero Type3.35%
6No service no life Type2.77%
7Carefree abandon Type2.74%
8Coexistence Type2.70%
9High energy Type2.05%
10Attentive plethora Type1.97%
11Diffuse Type1.97%
12King of the hill Type1.78%
13Scholar athlete Type1.78%
14Autocrat Type1.71%
15Thoughtlessness Type1.64%
16Gala Type1.50%
17Balance Type1.43%
18Banquet Secretary Type1.40%
19Superman Type1.38%
20Model Type1.34%

The 40th generation ranking

The 40th generation synthesis ranking

1Moderation Type9.83%
2Freedom Type3.54%
3Underestimation Type3.51%
4Autocrat Type2.90%
5Carefree abandon Type2.83%
6Coexistence Type2.77%
7Balance Type2.51%
8Amorous susceptible Type2.37%
9Quiet Type2.35%
10Scholar athlete Type2.20%
11Excess energy Type1.96%
12Unsung hero Type1.87%
13Career aim Type1.78%
14Well-behaved Type1.61%
15King of the hill Type1.50%
16No service no life Type1.50%
17Diffuse Type1.45%
18Ordinary person Type1.36%
19Model Type1.25%
20Difficult relation Type1.23%

The 40th generation male ranking

1Moderation Type9.75%
2Freedom Type3.59%
3Balance Type3.56%
4Underestimation Type3.52%
5Autocrat Type2.97%
6Quiet Type2.90%
7Excess energy Type2.59%
8Career aim Type2.48%
9Coexistence Type1.97%
10Amorous susceptible Type1.93%
11Carefree abandon Type1.83%
12Lifestyle freely Type1.79%
13Scholar athlete Type1.62%
14On the alert Type1.62%
15Seclusion Type1.52%
16Endurance Type1.41%
17Worldly good Type1.38%
18Difficult relation Type1.38%
19Omnipotent Type1.34%
20King of the hill Type1.34%

The 40th generation female ranking

1Moderation Type9.93%
2Carefree abandon Type3.96%
3Coexistence Type3.69%
4Freedom Type3.49%
5Underestimation Type3.49%
6Scholar athlete Type2.86%
7Amorous susceptible Type2.86%
8Autocrat Type2.82%
9Unsung hero Type2.63%
10No service no life Type2.23%
11Well-behaved Type2.08%
12Model Type2.04%
13Diffuse Type1.88%
14Quiet Type1.72%
15King of the hill Type1.68%
16Ordinary person Type1.60%
17Banquet Secretary Type1.53%
18Attentive plethora Type1.41%
19Balance Type1.33%
20Fighting mood Type1.29%

The 50th generation ranking

The 50th generation synthesis ranking

1Moderation Type10.2%
2Autocrat Type5.77%
3Underestimation Type3.00%
4Coexistence Type3.00%
5Quiet Type2.92%
6Unsung hero Type2.69%
7Well-behaved Type2.61%
8Freedom Type2.46%
9King of the hill Type2.15%
10Career aim Type2.00%
11Diffuse Type2.00%
12Ordinary person Type1.92%
13Carefree abandon Type1.84%
14Amorous susceptible Type1.84%
15Manager Type1.69%
16Model Type1.61%
17Balance Type1.61%
18Excess energy Type1.61%
19Scholar athlete Type1.61%
20No service no life Type1.46%

The 50th generation male ranking

1Moderation Type10.9%
2Autocrat Type7.93%
3Career aim Type3.17%
4Quiet Type2.99%
5Coexistence Type2.82%
6Well-behaved Type2.64%
7Underestimation Type2.64%
8King of the hill Type2.64%
9Manager Type2.46%
10Ordinary person Type2.46%
11Scholar athlete Type1.94%
12Freedom Type1.94%
13Unsung hero Type1.76%
14Superman Type1.76%
15Difficult relation Type1.76%
16Short-temper Type1.76%
17Balance Type1.58%
18Diffuse Type1.41%
19Excess energy Type1.41%
20Fox Type1.23%

The 50th generation female ranking

1Moderation Type9.69%
2Autocrat Type4.09%
3Unsung hero Type3.41%
4Underestimation Type3.27%
5Coexistence Type3.14%
6Quiet Type2.86%
7Freedom Type2.86%
8Carefree abandon Type2.73%
9Well-behaved Type2.59%
10Diffuse Type2.45%
11Amorous susceptible Type2.32%
12Model Type2.04%
13No service no life Type1.91%
14Concern too Type1.77%
15Excess energy Type1.77%
16King of the hill Type1.77%
17Balance Type1.63%
18Ordinary person Type1.50%
19Gala Type1.50%
20Thoughtlessness Type1.50%
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